Limited quarantine slots open for incoming foreign workers

MALAYSIA: The pressure cooker of demand for foreign labour may be starting to ease, with limited quarantine slots now open for workers scheduled to arrive in the country over the next quarter. The HR ministry is encouraging their employers to book.

HR Minister Datuk Seri M. Saravanan says his ministry is encouraging employers to book the slots well in advance. Foreign workers will need to have passed an initial medical exam in their home country, and are then issued with a visa. Only those with already-approved visas are able to book into one of the quarantine slots at the end of the process.

Saravanan noted that the quarantine centres are at the National Disaster Management Agency-approved hotels in Klang Valley.

“The estimated cost of quarantine is between MYR 2,000 (USD 477) and MYR 3,000 (USD 716), including accommodation, food and drinks (three times a day), transportation to the quarantine centre, as well as Covid-19 screenings during the quarantine period,” he said.

As of the beginning of this month, the government had received a total of 171,133 foreign workers’ applications. The manufacturing sector recruited the most number of workers from abroad, with 118,967. The other major sectors were services (21,040), plantations (15,787), construction (12,252), and agriculture (3,087).

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