Levi's eyes digital talent for its expansion in Southeast Asia

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand are set to be the focus of a new expansion by famed denim brand Levi Strauss & Co, with plenty of local hiring on the cards.

The apparel company announced it would convert retail shops into NextGen Indigo outlets that use digital tools for an elevated store experience. It hopes the massive expansion will feature an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion, and help it become a destination for top talent.

Its LinkedIn page and website specified interest in professionals with specialised tech skills in artificial intelligence and programming. To move forward as a high-tech fashion name, the company offers key learning opportunities to upskill staff through training and development programs, such as a Machine Learning Bootcamp.

Nuholt Huisamen, Managing Director and Senior Vice President at Levi Strauss & Co. said the company was embracing "the technologies of tomorrow" to power innovation and better serve its customers and deliver greater value to stakeholders. "We will do this by placing people at the heart of our business and through responsible practices because being a force for positive change is integral to being the world's best apparel brand.” he said.

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