LeapXpert app seen to transform B2C communications

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

HR TECHNOLOGY: When LeapXpert, a communications and messaging platform provider, successfully closed its series A funding round, the company co-founder and investments head Rina Charles saw the investment as a clear indicator that enterprises are changing the way they do business to client communications.

Founded in 2017, LeapXpert enables organizations to embrace consumer messaging applications and integrate them into their systems in one centralized platform. This empowers companies to proactively control and monitor messages that can improve communication and productivity with clients.

This provider of in-front-office conversational solutions uses AI-enhanced solution and automate surveillance that will regulate employees to communicate with their clients and at the same time provide encrypted messages that keep chats safe between employee and client.

LeapXpert offers companies record integrity which is particularly useful in the event of a compliance probe or a legal dispute. All messaging conversations are retained even if an employee leaves the company with their device or a client deletes a message.

The USD14.1 million investment from the Series A round will be used to accelearte product development and power international expansion.

LeapXpert is serving customers in 45 countries across the globe and will be opening offices in the UK, US, Singapore, and Japan.

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