Lauren Huntington underscores DEI in Singapore’s workforce

INTERVIEW: In the second part of Chief of Staff Asia’s interview with Lauren Huntington, employee experience strategist at Qualtrics, we discuss diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) in Singapore and what governments and businesses should do to highlight this facet of company culture to foster inclusivity and equity.

Given that Singapore’s workforce is made up of a melting pot of culture and nationality, DEI is paramount in ensuring that employees are not left out or feel excluded in the work workplace.

COSA: The correlation between employee values and company culture is paramount. How do senior Singaporean workers cope with the emerging office culture trends?

Huntington: It’s important to point out that concepts like well-being, DEI, and work-life balance, although becoming popular, are not new work focuses. The focus must be on ensuring that employers can tailor these for the entire workforce to experience.

Leaders can understand how the decisions they make will impact their teams using direct employee feedback.

For instance, the shift to hybrid environments impacted everyone. Employers can launch tailored and targeted initiatives to ensure productivity and safety by knowing what people need when working from home. COS Asia: In the survey, DEI places the top spot among the surveyed employees. Why is this so?

Huntington: Singapore is a multicultural society and this demonstrates the importance of DEI to local society and its microcosms, such as workplaces.

According to the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), the majority of Singapore firms recognise DEI’s positive impact. However, much more is needed to ensure related programs drive meaningful and measurable improvement in employee perceptions of equitability and a sense of belonging.

Prioritising DEI and making workplaces more equitable will nurture a greater sense of belonging among employees. The business impact of this approach cannot be understated, with our research revealing a greater sense of belonging correlates to enhanced employee engagement and greater intent to stay.

COS Asia: Are there available digital tools for organisations and employers to understand their workers more?

Huntington: Businesses need to use experience management technologies to identify employees’ needs throughout different stages of their employment, allowing them to respond intentionally to key groups in real-time.

For example, one of Asia’s leading communication technology organizations began an experience transformation program with Qualtrics to rethink its employee experience. The organisation moved away from its annual engagement survey toward frequent employee pulses for it to quickly understand its employee experience.

The company also introduced continuous listening at an employee’s key moments, such as workplace anniversaries, onboarding, and exit. Then it integrated feedback from third-party sites into the platform to inform and guide decision-making.

This feature was extracted from Chief of Staff Asia's exclusive interview with Lauren Huntington, employee experience strategist at Qualtrics. For further coverage please see the below link:

Lauren Huntington eyes Singapore employee experience

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