IMDA announces transformation roadmap for local workforce

SINGAPORE: The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) recently launched its Jobs Transformation Map for the information and communication workforce, identifying key emerging technology trends that can impact future jobs.

The roadmap identified cloud computing and AI as key knowledge that will drive high demand for skilled workers over the next few years.

The roadmap also placed job roles into three categories. They are high-impact roles that may face displacement, medium-impact roles that may need additional skillsets or redesign, and low-impact roles that may face minimal changes.

Under the high-impact category were roles mainly in infrastructure and operations and support, including network engineers, system support engineers and operations analysts.

Workers in this category may need to reskill to remain up-to-date with industry standards.

They can pick up skill sets such as network slicing and agile software development that will help them transition into roles encompassing automation and orchestration, DevOps, and incident investigation, among others.

The report also said that it’s important for low-impact employees to not only maintain their skills in current areas, but also develop new ones so they can succeed at the pace of business.

Employees should also look into acquiring AI applications, customer behaviour analysis and data governance talent, the report said.

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