Job security a major concern for Singaporeans, poll shows

SINGAPORE: Job security is one of the top concerns on Singaporeans’ minds, a survey commissioned by The Strait Times found.

The online survey by research firm Milieu Insight asked Singaporeans to determine their top concerns in the six areas along which the 4G leadership has organised the Forward Singapore exercise, promoting a fairer and more inclusive society.

Eight in 10 respondents expressed concerns over the economy and job security. This was the area of concern for all age groups, except by respondents aged 55-years-old and above.

Besides job security, respondents between 16 and 34-years-old choose home and living environment as their next area of concern.

National University of Singapore sociologist Tan Ern Ser said it was understandable that job security and cost of living are the top concerns for Singaporeans.

“Bread and butter issues will always remain salient, as observed in previous general elections,” Tan said.

About 44% of those surveyed also disagreed that Singapore has struck the right balance in bringing in foreign workers and protecting local jobs.

The survey also found that younger respondents were more likely to agree with the statement, but the number slid with age.

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