Jeff Bote: Aligning personal and company goals

Updated: Jun 20

New routines, new processes, and new human resource dynamics always spring from mergers. Such organisational change requires leadership and culture. This holds true for Viatris, which was formed by the union of Pfizer’s Upjohn and Mylan in November, 2020.

For the third part of Chief of Staff Asia’s interview with Jeff Bote, Viatris Malaysia’s country manager, shares his morale-booster in the organisation and what inspires him the most. He also showed us the Viatris’ new office that boasts modern sustainable features and a worker-friendly environment.

COS Asia: As a seasoned industry leader, could you give us a tip on how to boost morale in the workplace, considering all the controllable and uncontrollable factors employees have seen during your organisation’s transitions and movements amidst the pandemic?

Bote: I would say that active listening plays an important role in keeping the morale at the workplace going strong. Employees want to be heard, and I believe that, as leaders, we can provide a safe space for them. All opinions are welcomed, and we make efforts to address them as well.

Everyone needs to belong and feel connected. Hence, we organised “Getting to Know You” sessions where colleagues share about themselves and connect across the organisation.

Personal contributions are valued and added to the Viatris mission.

When your personal purpose aligns with the company’s purpose, that is the most inspiring to me. All of these boost morale in the workplace and drive us towards our goal.

COS Asia: Can you give us the highlights of your new office? How would this move improve work culture?

Bote: I am very proud and excited about our new office. It is an open office with different kinds of seats, including adjustable-height desks! We do not have cubicles and individual offices, but we have bar chairs and stools.

The office is designed with an open space in mind and is ideal for collaboration and quick huddles to happen at any time.

Colleagues can also relax and bond in our well-designed healthy cosy café, complete with coffee machines and fruits.

There will also be a lot of greens in the office to keep the office air fresh.

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