Survey finds Malaysia IT execs ready for digital transformation

MALAYSIA: Technology executives in Malaysia are confident they have what it takes to digitally transform their companies over the next two years, according to a new Dell Technologies report.

The Dell Technologies 2022 Breakthrough Report examined people’s capacity for digital change and sought sentiments on how organisations can successfully blend HR with technology to achieve effective transformation outcomes, especially when it comes down to personnel challenges.

A total of 10,500 senior business decision-makers from over 40 countries took part in the survey.

In Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific, 2,900 respondents were surveyed in 11 locations, including Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

For the Malaysian market, Dell Technologies conducted a survey of 200 respondents from various industries and found that their insights were consistent with those from other regions.

Sixty-four percent of IT executives surveyed in Malaysia are confident that they have what it takes to digitally transform their companies in two years. However, two-thirds of workers think they should give more thought to how people will be interacting during the process.

There is also a chance for transformation to stagnate because of people’s resistance to change.

The research showed that 68% of Malaysian respondents feel that rapid transformation has left businesses and their workforce in need of time to recharge and reflect on what's happening before embarking on new projects.

Fifty-seven per cent of Malaysians also expressed worry that they will be left behind in the digital transformation era due to lack of personnel who have the necessary skill sets for maximising opportunities.

“Most organisations around the world, including Malaysia, realise the need to digitally transform, but they find digital transformation hard and their people don’t always embrace change,” said Mak Chin Wah, Dell Technologies’ Country Manager, Malaysia and General Manager, Telecom Systems Business, South Asia.

With the rise of new technologies and recent events, companies around the world have been spurred on by an increased need for digital transformation.

While it is clear that this should be done in order to stay competitive with other businesses, success stories vary from organisation to organisation.

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