Is it time to change hiring strategies and practices?

RECRUITMENT STRATEGY: Nearly two years after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and we are seeing a drastic change in what people want from their personal and professional lives. Digital transformation expert Laurence Smith has told The HR Agenda there are urgent needs for re-skilling, prioritising employee experience, and allowances for dual income employment opportunities.

These demands have created a fluid market place with a lot more options, making it more complex for HR leaders to recruit, Smith added. Not only are prioritises changing amongst employees, such as flexibility. There is an increased attraction for people to become independent and creating their own business.

One of the impacts of the pandemic on the labour market is an increased labour shortage, and in many ways have expedited this issues in Asia.

Firms can slowly tackle this issue by “being clear what the organisations purpose is, why it exists and is in business, and having values, cultures and leadership that align with that and thus make it the type of place, people want to work,” said Smith.

At a tactical level, Smith says firms in Asia should put a bigger focus on employee benefits but make it more flexible. One way is to provide employees with choices of benefits and make it more personal.

Another way to attract talent today is by “creative adaptation”. If anything had to come out from the pandemic is that firms are not taking things like diversity, equality, and inclusion more seriously, added Smith.

Firms should look beyond their traditional talent pools, away from the typical employees that they usually hire. Smith says, recruits and hr leaders should use an approach that questions their typical hiring practices. Increasing diversity in the workplace and decreasing gender disparity should be an aim for firms globally.

Hear more from Chief of Staff Asia's Paul Howell and Laurence Smith in the clip below, or see the full episode of The HR Agenda at this Youtube link.