Initiatives for a Malaysia 5.0 strongly encouraged

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

MALAYSIA: The government and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) are strongly endorsing Malaysia 5.0 --- a nation deeply integrated with technology that empowers sustainability, inclusivity, and shared prosperity.

Companies in Malaysia have begun to digitally upskill and re-skill their employees, spurred by the shift in socio-economic norms from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Local firms recognised they need to address the gap in digital talents, particularly in the critical sectors of cybersecurity, software development, and animation.

MDEC launched a Digital Skills Training Directory to guide talents by providing them with courses and online training that have been specifically reviewed and endorsed by MDEC's Talent Expert Network.

The Digital Skills Training Directory offers over 250 courses in fields such as data sciences, cybersecurity, animation, game development, and software development. The Social Security Organisation also recognises and supports the directory initiative.

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