Industrial employment up 60% in second quarter

There was an overall 8% growth in job opportunities across Singapore during the second quarter of 2021, as compared to the first quarter of the year.

This included a 60% increase in jobs within the Industrial and Manufacturing industry, a 41% increase within Sales and Marketing, a 33% increase in jobs for digital industries, and an 11% rise in contracting jobs.

As reported by Michael Page Singapore, the high increase of job opportunities in the industrial and manufacturing industry in Singapore was due to the future growth projection of the industry, and continuning moves to digitalization among its employers.

Managing Director of Michael Page Singapore, Nilay Khandelwal, said the marked increase in employment with the industrial and manufacturing sector was "due to growth plans across semiconductor chip manufacturers, capital equipment as well as electronics makers.

"The job functions in demand are varied across front-end roles such as design professionals, testing/verification to back-end roles such as packaging, field support, and quality management.

“Automation and digitalization remain a key focus for most organisations and there has been a consistent demand for automation professionals. Due to the active technical employment market right now, job seekers are more inclined to make a job move hence many companies are replacing their headcount as well as hiring for their expansion plans at the same time,” Khandelwal added.

Apart from the industrial and manufacturing industry, hiring in sales & marketing in Singapore also increased significantly in 2021. These professionals were most in demand within the Healthcare & Life Sciences, and fast-moving consumer goods sectors.

“With the progression of social media, marketing across all digital channels is a priority for companies who want to get their products and services seen in a crowded consumer space. In order to ensure optimal visibility, companies who can hire top performance marketers skilled in driving campaigns, A/B testing, and maximizing cost per acquisition will gain the competitive edge”, commented Khandelwal.

In addition, Michael Page's data showed an 11% increase in contracting jobs in Q2 from Q1, which Khandelwal said was an encouraging shift towards agile hiring in Singapore. “In these times of uncertainty, fixed-term professional hiring provides a lot of flexibility and a variety of experience in a short time. Contracting has proven itself to be a viable solution to headcount limits or project hire, and can save cost and improve the flexibility of the workforce”, he said.

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