Indonesian government pushes digitalisation with private sector

INDONESIA: Indonesia's national government has urged the private sector to commit more to boosting the digital talent ecosystem across the country.

Chief of the Presidential Staff Moeldoko stated that this was in line with the government's commitment to intensify vocational education. "From the target of the development program of 100,000 digital talents in Indonesia, currently, around 60,000 digital talents have been created," he advised recently. "The government lauds the cooperation of the private sector that supports the formation of a digital ecosystem in Indonesia."

Moeldoko underscored the importance of government and private partnerships in digital development, noting that Indonesia required 9 million qualified professionals with advanced digital technology expertise (AI, analytics, 5G, Internet of Things, and cloud) by the year 2030.

One such partnership has involved Huawei Indonesia, which entered into a memorandum of understanding with Moeldoko's office in October, 2020.

Working with the ASEAN Academy Indonesia, the telecoms company has conducted training, studies, certifications, seminars, and competitions for greater understanding and mastery of modern technologies.

Huawei Indonesia CEO Jacky Chen acknowledged the support of Moeldoko’s office to develop digitalisation. “We laud the guidance and advice by Moeldoko to us to support digital transformation in Indonesia. Going forward, Huawei wants to contribute more to Indonesia as part of Huawei's commitment 'I Do' to create value to build Indonesia, which is 5G-oriented, digital, and green," he said.

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