Indonesian envoy calls out alleged employers' abuses

MALAYSIA: Indonesian ambassador to Malaysia, Hermono (who goes by a single name), has claimed some Indonesian workers are being treated as "modern-day slaves" in Malaysia. .

The ambassador cited instances of maids who have been found to have been working unpaid for years on end, with their Malaysian employers keeping their identification documents. Other workers have complained of physical abuse, and intimidation and threats used to keep them quiet.

“They’re warned that if they run away, the police will catch them and the immigration will send them to their depot," Hermano has said. "These kinds of threats are pure elements of forced labour."

Hermano says the Indonesian embassy had assisted in solving 206 cases in recent years, with employers compensating more than MYR 2 million (USD478,000). There are at least a further 40 cases currently filed in Malaysian courts.

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