Indonesia to nurture digital talent through scholarships

INDONESIA: The Ministry of Human Resources aims to improve the country's digital talent pool through the digitalisation of education and healthcare sectors.

The government has also created a platform called Digital Talent Scholarship and Digital Leadership Academy to filter the most promising students and optimise their learning capacities.

Indonesia's decision to digital invest in the shortlisted sectors was well-received. The Edutech application that taught online educational theory and practices experienced a 200% jump in subscribed users. The Healthtech startup created to promote digital healthcare is predicted to increase by 109% in the next five years.

Indonesia also plans to introduce and incorporate Artificial Intelligence across various industries. Indonesia already has a National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2020-2045 and aims to move towards Society 5.0 to boost its digital economy and attract digital investments from abroad.

The Communication and Informatics Ministry estimated that the country will need at least nine million digitally skilled talents by 2030 to realise the desired digital economic status in the global market.

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