Indonesia plans to train more women in the industrial sector

Indonesia plans to train more women to working in the industrial sector, and master the latest technologies to support innovation and increase productivity.

The lack of gender diversity across the industrial and manufacturing sector of the economy has become stark during the pandemic. According to government statistics, 57% of women in the industrial sector left their jobs in 2020, mainly due to family caregiving responsibilities.

Flexible working hours, training, and activities are some ways the Indonesian Industry Ministry is looking to lure women back to the industrial workforce.

One such activity is a ‘Gender Responsive Vocational Education’ webinar, that aims to support the strategic role of women in the development of industrial vocational education.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry has also collaborated with local and international technology companies such as Axioo and Makeblock to provide hands-on training to female students.

Head of Industrial Human Resources Development, Arus Gunawan, told local media that, “skilled human resources are key in boosting industry capabilities, and Indonesia can benefit from its large population, to acquire productive Human Resources.”

Indonesia also aims to be among 10 countries with the strongest economies in the world by 2030, with its “Making Indonesia 4.0” initiative.

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