Indonesia approves new six-month "Digital Nomad" visas

Updated: Oct 7

INDONESIA: Indonesia has approved the Digital Nomad Visa which will allow remote workers in the country to work for up to six months without paying tax, by using an existing B211A visa.

The original proposal was for a longer-term digital nomad visa, but there is still some uncertainty around this.

With more and more people choosing to work remotely, the hope is this visa will create a concrete legal framework for the country.

Indonesia is also hoping that the visa will attract foreign freelancers and give local businesses peace of mind.

“I am increasingly convinced the number of foreign tourists who are interested in staying in Indonesia will increase and will automatically have an impact on economic revival,” said Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno.

The visa program was launched by the government to facilitate those living abroad who still want employment opportunities within the country's borders.

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