Skill shortage looms for Indonesia's workforce

INDONESIA: Job seeking platform KUPU has found that the hospitality and retail sectors in the country are at risk of skills shortage come 2023.

This proves to become a major problem in the country’s labour sector.

According to Amazon Web Services and Alpha Beta, over 17 million Indonesians need digital competency training every year to keep up with technological progress, and that number is growing fast.

To bridge the gap, job seekers can upskill through the KUPU app, which offers over 700 courses covering a wide range of topics from soft skills such as sales development, to hard-hitting disciplines.

Andry The, KUPU Chief Information Officer said, "Indonesia has experienced significant growth over the last decade. Yet, more needs to be done in the workplace to ensure this growth continues.

"The government's ambitious Indonesia 4.0 initiative shows a visionary approach toward securing Indonesia's global position as a young developing nation with a young workforce.

"However, more investment from the private sector into skills training will help people prepare for the future of work and close the digital skills gap."

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