Indonesia encourages its regional-based workforce

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

INDONESIA: Indonesia has debuted a pilot project model that aims to build a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem across its archipelago.

Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah said the project would look at expanding employment opportunities in five different regions across the country, including: the Telukjambe social forestry area in Karawang District; Lido agritourism area in Bogor District; and the Sukabumi District in West Java.

“The transformation is aimed to develop a self-sustaining, effective, and scalable workforce programme. The approach is projected to optimise local human resources, the local economic potential, and regional characteristics that are concurrently integrated with the socio-economic development that surrounds it,” Ida explained.

The pilot project will also be implemented in the Dieng Highland agroforestry area in Banjarnegara District, Batang District in Central Java, Sei Mencirim agroindustry area in Deliserdang District in North Sumatra, as well as the Teluk Weda agro-maritime area in Central Halmahera District, North Maluku.

She said this was in line with Prime Minister Joko Widodo's vision, who previously said the government’s focus was to create as many employment opportunities as possible while ensuring a sustainable economy.

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