Indonesia creates new bill to increase workforce quality

INDONESIA: The People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) has initiated the development of the National Education System Bill (RUU Sisdiknas) to improve the quality of human resources through education.

"To win the competition in the current era, we need superior human resources formed through a national education system which (can be accessed by) as many people as possible," deputy chairman of the MPR, Lestari Moerdijat, announced in a written statement.

She emphasized that efforts to increase human resource quality be made on a continuous basis, including improvements to the national education system, to build and nurture a workforce that can compete and handle future issues.

“Moreover, on one occasion, the National Development Planning Minister, Suharso Monoarfa, cited the 'global competitiveness world economic forum' in 2019 revealed that the competitiveness of Indonesian human resources is still lagging behind and is ranked 50th of 141 countries, still under Malaysia and Thailand," she said.

In developing the National Education System Bill, Moerdijat believes that the government must keep the drafting process transparent and welcome inputs from the community.

Standard, Curriculum, and Assessment Agency Head at the Ministry Anindito Aditomo announced that the bill is still in the planning stage and that President Joko Widodo had yet to be informed about it.

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