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Inclusion, growth programs to improve employee wellness

HR TRENDS 2023: As employee burnout and resignation remain a challenge to HR leaders this year, a number of research find that an inclusive work environment that fosters individuality and growth-oriented programs will help improve wellness in the workplace.

An inclusive environment lets employees to feel more comfortable and less stressed. Additionally, it can encourage employees to be more active and social, which can lead to them feeling happier and healthier.

Meanwhile, a paper published on Evidence shows that growth-oriented programs can help employees combat burnout and remain engaged in their work. Offering lateral career opportunities, for example, can increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Growth-oriented programs can help employees develop new skills and remain competitive in their field. This is important in today's rapidly changing workplace, where job requirements are constantly evolving.

Chief of Staff Asia's latest research report shows that companies that invest in growth-oriented programs are more likely to see positive results across a range of financial, organisational, and employee experience metrics.

Mental health is also becoming more and more important. Flexible work arrangements, stress-reduction programs, and access to mental health resources have been proven to decrease employee burnout and stress, which could prevent staff from underperforming and leaving their jobs.

Implementing flexible vacation policies or encouraging employees to use their paid time off as mental health days will also create a safe environment for employees who will become more comfortable taking a break whenever they feel overwhelmed.

All in all, happy employees lead to increased productivity, a more positive work environment, and a lower attrition rate.

This article is from Chief of Staff Asia's latest report, Looking Ahead: HR Trends for 2023.

Click this link to access the full report.

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Inclusion, growth programs to improve employee wellness

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