Immigration rolls out new entry procedures for foreign workers

MALAYSIA: Beginning November, foreign workers holding Employment Pass Application (Category I, II, III)/Resident Pass-Talent/Dependents/Foreign Maid, Professional Visit Pass - Specialist (newly approved), and Short-Term Business Traveller would need to get clearance from the Immigration Department through the MyTravelPass/MyEntry in entering the country.

However, this will not apply to foreigners with Malaysian long-term visit passes such as Diplomat (Exemption Order)/Dependent/Foreign Maid, Employment Pass (Category I, II, III)/Dependent/Foreign Maid, Resident Pass-Talent /Dependent/Foreign Maid, Professional Visit Pass-Specialist, and Professional Visit Pass.

Moreover, those with Permanent Resident (PR)/Spouse to PR/Child to PR, Long-Term Pass (Husband/Wife/Child) to Citizen, Senior Citizen Pass, Widow/Widow Pass to Citizen, Student Pass/Dependent/Escort, Malaysia Pass My Second Home/Dependents/Foreign Maid, Resident Pass, Temporary Work Visit Pass, Foreign Maid passes are also allowed to enter Malaysia without having to seek MTP/MyEntry clearance.

Immigration Department director-general Datuk Khairul Dzaimee Daud said these entry policies comply with current immigration rules, health screening, and quarantine procedures that were imposed since the pandemic began.

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