Case Study: HSBC's virtual recruitment push

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

HIRING STRATEGY: Towards the end of last year, HSBC announced it would move its hiring and induction of graduate recruits onto purely virtual platforms, following a similar directive for its general staff.

Using a range of initiatives, including virtual campus events, video interviews, and online onboarding, HSBC decided that this move to “modern ways of working” was a further necessity, made all the more critical by the Covid-19 pandemic. Travel restrictions, combined with a lack of physical presence from senior management, meant that change was inevitable.

According to Brandon Coate, HSBC’s Head of HR, the need to remain agile in a highly competitive market was of utmost importance for the banking giant.

“Despite the current environment, we are committed to rolling out the same robust recruitment and training programmes that continue to be a crucial part of our hiring plans,” he confirmed to Chief of Staff Asia.

A year on since the change, HSBC remains at the forefront of recruitment in its sector.

Coate is certain the changes are paying dividends, with the prevailing belief that all hiring was heading this way eventually. Hiring managers now have several initiatives at their disposal to assist employees in their onboarding, including the choice of virtual desktops or bank-issued devices to perform work.

In addition, employees have flexibility in terms of geographical location, often completing their induction from outside their home offices. Scheduling has also improved, allowing HR leaders to focus on other tasks, thereby improving their overall day-to-day productivity.

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