HR Trends for 2022: Data analytics are the new gold

Updated: Jan 21

RESEARCH: Similar to hybrid working, HR analytics and big data have been around in the HR world for a long while, but have gained much more recognition in recent years for the valuable insights and information they provide. The Covid-19 pandemic has put HR analytics on a pedestal due to several issues that became vital HR considerations during that time.

This data-driven opportunity is used to understand and manage employees to further improve an organisation’s workforce through data, which is then transformed to actionable information.

One area where this has become heavily utilised during the pandemic, has been in employee wellbeing. With the help of HR analytics, employers can now find out how many employees are in need of extra assistance, or are otherwise finding it tough to manage the emotional impacts of the economy-wide crisis.

Firms can then collaborate with experts and healthcare partners to improve the situation. Additionally, employers can look at creating promotions and activities to motivate employees during these trying times.

Inclusivity and diversity is another subject that has gained importance in recent years, and is a goal for many global organisations. HR analytics can provide data on the exact numbers of target demographics, giving organisations a real-time view of their diversity goals.

HR analytics can further help organisations integrate hybrid working into their cultures and environments. While firms are preparing to return to the office, HR analytics can help companies better prepare for it by analysing productivity rates of different workers in different working setups (at home, in the office, or in mixed environments, for example).

Other than acquiring all that information, HR analytics is able to predict future trends of the workforce and — in turn — solve any issues or unwanted trends that may greatly affect the firm. Analytics is often known as “the hospital” of the HR profession, whereby employers can “diagnose” issues through assessing the data, and then “heal” those problems once they are realised.

Indonesian technology and ride-hailing company Gojek has recently been emphasising its people analytics capabilities, and will continue to develop them in 2022.

It has undertaken several steps to understand and improve the workforce according to a range of different metrics. The first step was to create a specialist people analytics team, which resulted in developing tailored protocols to retain and attract talent.

For example, it has created the GoAcademy to rapidly develop a local talent pool in hard-to-find engineering skills.

At GoAcademy, talent from the STEM fields (of science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are scouted out and specifically trained for working full time at Gojek. The company also has a Go-Scholar technology program that provides scholarships for chosen talent to develop their programming skills.

Apart from grooming talent, Gojek has taken the initiative to push for women empowerment by putting an end to the all-male panel at Gojek events. It has collaborated with the United Nations to promote equal opportunity to other local organisations. The use of HR analytics will grow bigger in 2022, and show a new side to HR analytics with employee well being and hybrid working.

Factors such as hybrid working, employee well being, and diversity will continue to become an important part of what employees want in the post-pandemic world, making HR analytics a trend to look out for in 2022.

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