HR Tech Update: Windows 11's new features target hybrid work

HR TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft has introduced a range of new features within its Windows 11 operating system, all aimed at easing work management, security, productivity, and collaboration in a hybrid work environment.

For example, professionals can now take advantage of enhanced phishing detection and protection with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, which identifies and alerts users when they enter their Microsoft credentials into a malicious application or hacked website.

“Cyber threats are at an all-time high. And with the move to hybrid work, IT managers are challenged to empower their workforces with new tech experiences,” said Microsoft’s Panos Panay, EVP/Chief Product Officer. “At Microsoft, it’s our responsibility to deliver tools and technologies that make hybrid work, work for our customers. Windows is central to this mission.”

For a more interactive collaboration experience, the software company is also introducing new AI-powered meeting features for Windows 11. Users can connect through their devices using new features like voice clarity, automatic framing, portrait background blur, and eye contact.

For people with disabilities, Microsoft has introduced the Focus Sessions, system-wide Live Captions, and Voice Access to empower everyone to do more. Focus Sessions make it easier for information workers, and people with attention and focus difficulties, to build productivity and healthy digital habits.

System-wide Live Captions also make it easier for everyone, including language learners and people who have hearing difficulties or deafness, to understand spoken content.

Managing files has become more orderly with the redesigned cloud-powered File Explorer, allowing users to see all files in one centralised place. Instead of clicking many times to get to an important file, users may also pin files and create tabs in File Explorer.

Also coming to Windows 11 is application management for Microsoft Edge for more flexibility in how and where employees work. Microsoft is enabling employees to securely access company resources from their personal Windows devices while maintaining security and privacy. Administrators can configure data flow and define the allowed Windows Defender threat level on the device with app protection policies.

Lastly, Microsoft has also launched Remote Help, which addresses a major need for hybrid work by safely helping employees with their day-to-day IT needs with secured, helpdesk-to-user connections no matter where they work.

“Windows 11 and Windows 365 are ready to take us all into the next era of hybrid work. We are building Windows for the future, to support the future of businesses, offering organisations the most secure, manageable, and productive Windows experience on the planet,” Panay noted.

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