HR Tech Update: Tools for employee wellness management

HR TECHNOLOGY: A common factor shared amongst employees across the globe is the constant need to balance work and wellness. Employees everywhere face burn out, indulge in unhealthy habits, get stressed, and lose sleep over workplace pressures.

While workplace wellness programs aren't new, they have tremendously evolved over recent years. With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, health and wellness became a priority overnight for firms everywhere. The ongoing pandemic has made many organisations invest in specialised technology to deal with and manage employee health and wellness efficiently.

Moreover, these solutions stand to benefit firms in the long run by reducing the impact of sick leave taken.

When creating wellness programs, firms can look to platforms such as Wellable and Caroo. They are web and mobile applications that enable organisations to create custom programs including wellbeing educational modules. These platforms save time for employers and can be used anywhere at anytime, suitable for a remote-working environments.

Another platform that allows firms to recognise and reward behaviours according to the designed activities is WorkStride. Implementing these templates can enable healthy competition amongst staff. WorkStride works as a mobile application with widgets, trackers and gamification that can increase employee participation and engagement.

With each of these types of platforms, employers are able to accurately measure the impacts of their interventions. Each has specific tools that can give employers insight into the employee engagement, user experience, scalability and even possible shortcomings of the program.

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