HR Tech Update: The people science behind EngageRocket

HR TECHNOLOGY: With issues like The Great Resignation and — of course — the ongoing pandemic challenging HR leaders at every turn in 2022, more and more organisations are now looking to specialised people analytics solutions to help them better understand their talent and workforces.

This is where EngageRocket steps in. The cloud-based software solution was born in Southeast Asia in 2016, and is the first startup in the region to receive funding for its advanced people analytics system.

According to co-founder and CEO CheeTung Leong, the need for advanced people analytics comes because "companies don’t get their employees, like they get their customers". EngageRocket has a two-pillared approach to solving this dilemma. It firstly acquires high-level data — both quantitative and qualitative — by conducting engaging surveys across a target population. The surveys are conducted and collected with anonymous responses which increases the quality of employee responses and improves the ability to retract meaningful responses.

The system then uses its algorithms and analytical systems to translate that extracted information into actionable steps for firms looking to improve their workforce engagement levels.

Speaking with Chief of Staff's Technology Editor Vandana Nanwani, as part of The HR Agenda series on YouTube, Leong said EngageRocket's software can analyse data and insight on to key employee touchpoints, such as those planning to resign, or where the overall employee experience might be falling short.

Watch the interview in the clip below, or see the full episode of The HR Agenda at this YouTube link.

EngageRocket is a Singapore-based people analytics solution, available for organisations of all sizes. For more information, head to

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