HR Tech Update: The latest tools to ensure data protection

HR TECHNOLOGY: In an era where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, protecting data and proprietary information has become more important than ever before.

This is particularly true for the HR profession, which needs to protect both corporate interests and the individual privacy of each member of staff.

From handling recruitment tasks, and maintaining employee records all the way through to performance monitoring, data protection is required for every step of almost every HR process. While countries and firms have their regulations to keep data safe, firms can look to technology to ensure the safety of their data and avoid cybersecurity incidents over the long term.

So apart from the storage facilities used, how can firms, and their HR teams help ensure more safety for their data?

Firstly, HR professionals can implement data encryption across their systems. This is a security method where information is translated to an encoded form and can then only be accessed by a user with the decryption key or password.

Firewalls can also add a layer to the protection of data. They enable HR professionals to monitor and filter network traffic, ensuring only authorised users are allowed to access or transfer data and maintaining a log of each of those transactions.

Firms can also opt for data snapshots to recover data quickly in the event of any cybersecurity incident. These work by periodically snapping data from the chosen report or file and then storing that in a specific folder for a set period of time. Although most data-rich firms would already have a robust backup system, adding this extra blanket of protection can help tp maintain peace of mind amidst the myriad of security threats out there.

Another popular data protection technology is to enable behaviour analytics. This can trigger red flags to the system's defenders whenever someone's username or password are compromised, of if the user's online behaviour undergoes a significant change.

User behaviour analytics can help prevent cyber-theft from rogue employees at an early stage and can be a valuable tool for training and monitoring employee patterns.

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