HR Tech Update: Technologies to improve company culture

HR TECHNOLOGY: A strong corporate culture can benefit a company from the inside out.

Employees are the backbone of any business, and having a defined set of positive values can not only create loyalty among team members but attract customers who prefer to patronise companies that have that clear vision.

In hiring new employees, organisations with a good reputation for being a good place to work already have an edge against competitors. This can also attract better talent. It also affects productivity levels for all staff members and can improve teamwork among employees.

One way of developing a strong company culture is through recognition. Peers and customers may use apps like Kudos and Tap My Back to show their appreciation of someone’s hard work. These may then be used to redeem rewards from the company's partner brands.

Offering a clear and flexible career path can also motivate workers. Software that can provide a view of potential career paths for employees are now available. HR leaders may use PathSavvy and TalentGuard as means to guide employees to map multiple career path scenarios, evaluate skill gaps, and chart their career progression.

Of course, companies must provide access to different kinds of training. Studies have shown that training employees help with building morale and profit. Moreover, it increases job satisfaction, provides more opportunities for promotion, and increases productivity and impact.

Depending on the skill sets that a company would like to hone and improve, there are both formal and informal training options available on LinkedIn’s InLearning and SkillShare. These can provide employees with the chance to learn from a wide variety of topics from experts. Some even provide certificates or online diplomas that employees may use to further boost their resumés.

With the ever-changing trends in the workforce, an organization’s culture can be a key factor for candidates who are looking for a place to work. From attracting and retaining top talent to incorporating innovation to improve growth, there are several benefits to creating a great company culture.

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