HR Tech Update: Tech solutions for compensation and benefits

Updated: May 7

HR TECHNOLOGY: Technology continues to occupy the front seat of the agenda for almost all aspects of HR. This edition of HR Tech Update focuses on digital solutions for building and fine-tuning compensation and benefits packages.

HR professionals have three main types of HR technology solutions to choose from, including web and mobile applications, analytics, and the HR information system, or HRIS.

Web and mobile applications offer a more personalised remote experience for staff, allowing them to access information or change their benefit options on-demand.

Analytics is commonly used to manage and assess the workforce, help HR make informed budgeting decisions, and identify employees who need assistance or reward.

The most common solution for firms is the HRIS modules for compensation development, which help them plan, set up, and manage compensation cycles, all in one system.

Learn more about BIPO Service, and JustLogin, examples of mobile-based HRIS platforms that streamline HR processes, at these links.

For the full episode of The HR Agenda, featuring special guest Laurence Smith talking about digital transformation trends, head to this YouTube link.

For the HR Technology Update, see the video embedded below.

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