HR Tech Update: Solutions for an improved hiring process

HR TECHNOLOGY: Chief of Staff Asia’s Technology Editor, Vandana Nanwani, presents the recruitment technologies that streamline processes to ensure the best job matching with the least time and effort for HR teams.

Job aggregators, including Glassdoor and, are known to help firms accurately advertise vacancies targeted to the specific candidates they are searching for.

An effective applicant tracking system, a vital tool for the post-application procedures, is also essential since it provides a single digital repository of all applications. These systems ease the task of sorting and ranking candidates according to different criteria and automate the steps in a tailored application workflow, which all adds up to free up a recruiter’s time for other tasks in reviewing applicants.

Follow this HR technology update in the clip below for more about HR analytics and automation solutions relevant to the recruitment process. Or watch the full episode of The HR Agenda from this week here.

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