HR Tech Update: Software tools for performance management

HR TECHNOLOGY: Performance appraisals and evaluations have become something HR professionals either look forward to or dread.

It has long been accepted as a vital part of any management role, but that's because the importance of performance management goes beyond evaluations, raises, and promotions. True performance management can make or break an organisation. It provides a look into the future of the firm, provides clarity, and can increase employee retention through effectively communicated feedback.

In this modern age, any complete talent management solution will have a technological component. And each technological component will have one or more of these three aspects, that HR teams can consider when developing their in-house solutions.

The first to look at is user interface and usability. Having a clean and attractive interface is key to making the process easy and accessible, and thus getting greater buy-in from employees.

Firms should also look at integration. This capability helps to connect the performance management system with other parts of the enterprise's network and/or HR Management System. This makes it possible, and ideally convenient, for both employees and HR leaders to engage with additional platforms that can support e-learning, training, feedback and reviewing.

Another factor that firms should look into when choosing a performance management software solution is the features and functionality that the platform offers. Opting for a pre-built template to help make the review and feedback process a smooth one, will make the job easier as firms wouldn't have to further look out for templates to provide feedback.

A training and E-learning feature is also an important factor to look into. Many performance management softwares have in-built courses, but many don't. Firms can review their costs to see which one would suit the organisation.

HR professionals should explore the reporting and analytics tool of their preferred offering, and find out if it's robust, and flexible. If it's not, that could be a deal-breaker as those highly relevant performance meterics will be more difficult to elicit.

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