HR Tech Update: HR leaders' must-have tools for remote work

HR TECHNOLOGY: After the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the world’s workforce, it has been nothing short of the norm for millions of professsional knowledge employees to work from their respective homes.

HR leaders need to support their staff in adapting to this remote setup, even as many organisations are now transitioning to hybrid work schedules. That said, providing allowances or work-from-home tools to your workers can not only increase productivity, but often overall morale also.

The transition, however, is not as easy as grabbing one’s laptop or plopping oneself in front of a computer. To make remote work more convenient and enjoyable, a few valuable gadgets have now become a necessity.

For work leaders, an assistant-enabled speaker can be a big boost to productivity. Devices such as Google Nest Hub and Amazon Alexa can be used to handle phone calls and meetings, keep tabs on schedules, and set alarms and reminders.

Aside from a laptop or a desktop tailor-fit to an employee’s role, a webcam and a microphone are needed for phone and video conferences. Others also opt to use an internet mesh or range extender, such as Linksys and TPLink, to defeat Wi-Fi dead zones at home.

As for the best at-home office accessory, one can never go wrong with a laptop or tablet stand. The continuous meetings and video conferences have made it imperative to invest in one instead of piling books and magazines to get the right height for video communication.

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