HR Tech Update: Meta's elevated virtual meetings

HR TECHNOLOGY: Employees have become accustomed to the convenience and practicality of virtual meetings. But has the so-called human touch lost its way in this new digitised world of work?

Facebook, now known as Meta, believes it has the answer to that, with its new Horizon Workrooms, which take advantage of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. They combine to provide a wholly different user experience than that of Zoom, Skype, and other video conferencing platforms.

Although Meta uses the familiar technologies of VR and AI, Horizon Workrooms function as simulators that enable interactions in human form, much closer to a real face-to-face meeting.

Horizon Workrooms offer more than just a flat screen to communicate. Imagine being in an office space minus the commute, but still with that sense of presence and shared physical space with colleagues, having small talk and interaction in a real office setting. The technology provides just that.

It also offers business flexibility and makes the communication process smoother. Like in a normal office space, colleagues can brainstorm, simultaneously work on a document, or hear updates from a specialist team.

These are all enhanced experiences compared to the typical Zoom meetings on two-dimensional interactions.

Using cloud-based software, another feature of Horizon Workrooms is its accessibility from anywhere without the need for a special machine or high-tech hardware.

According to Meta, one can easily create a new Workrooms team at Joining a meeting in VR as an avatar or dialing into the virtual room from a computer by video call are also possible. More information is available on the official website.

Horizon Rooms were discussed in the most recent episode of The HR Agenda. See the clip below, or check out the full episode here.

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