HR Tech Update: How artificial intelligence is boosting HR

HR TECHNOLOGY: Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is fast becoming a key strategic tool for HR professionals in Southeast Asia, particularly when it comes to delivering more efficient recruitment, administrative processes, personnel training and employee retention initiatives.

This was one of the key take-aways from Colin Blackwell, Chairman of the HR Committe of the World Bank Business Forum in Vietnam. Blackwell was speaking at the HR Tech Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City last month, where he noted that AI's ability to eliminate human bias was having a marked impact on recruitment processes.

It also helps to further automate standard HR processes and other repetitive tasks.

He added that information on past job profiles and skills enabled AI e-learning platforms to provide training recommendations and improve training programs. AI could also be helpful in identifying both high-performing and low-performing staff.

Blackwell emphasized the importance of technology not only in HR management but in the lives of general staff as well. "When you have changed the difficulties around you, technology is the power to help you overcome."

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