HR Tech Update: Freelance recruitment solutions for hirers

HR TECH: Freelancers are aplenty in this new world of gig economy work, especially when the pandemic continues to deliver uncertainty for businesses around the globe.

With so many organisations and hiring managers looking to digitally evolve their businesses, and a lack of technology-experienced professionals in traditional employment markets, freelancers can be a hidden source of skills and project resources.

Working with freelancers may not be a long-term solution for businesses transitioning into the digital age, but they certainly make it easier to find talent when skills are in short supply or unavailable from the current roster. Recruiters are taking advantage of a host of different emerging platforms and digital marketplaces across the region.

One of these freelance-focused platforms is Workana. Originally from Latin America, it has recently set up an office in Malaysia and matches freelancers with businesses, particularly in the tech space. The platform enables organisations, particularly SMEs, to tap non-traditional talent pools in speeding up their digital evolution.

Workana can provide businesses with at least three proposals from freelancers. It has onboarded about 7,000 freelancers skilled in front-end web development, android, and Internet-of-Things development, as well as data science.

Workana also makes it possible for Southeast Asian university students to share their talent in their chosen fields. The platform enables them to explore projects that match their skills with an organisation’s requirements.

Troopers is another HR platform connecting qualified freelancers with employers. It specialises in part-time recruitment and HR management for the gig economy. Troopers focuses on tapping the full potential of a student workforce by allowing them to accomplish jobs with the guidance and supervision of a team of experienced managers and recruiters.

Troopers actively serve hiring managers and job seekers with its end-to-end HR tech solutions and processes that make it easy to manage part-time recruits’ attendance, and payroll. It has a downloadable app from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

All new hiring managers that use the platform are eligible for a seven-day free trial for an unlimited number of recruits. It also offers flexible payment terms.

Since its inception in 2017, Troopers has generated over MYR 10 million in income for part-timers and freelancers.

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