HR Tech Update: Artificial Intelligence in HR management

HR Technology: The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is synonymous to chatbots and other communication tools, but the adaptable and learning technology has also proved to be extremely useful for a broad range of HR practices.

Within the HR function, AI can be particularly helpful for the recruitment process and for talent management.

As part of recruitment, It can save time time and create a more engaging and less tiring candidate experience for potential employees. Rather than having applicants re-enter the same information over multiple steps of the hiring process, AI can help candidates transfer information from their resumes onto smart, digital forms.

This in turn can help employers make their recruitment decisions quicker and with greater confidence by going through key information of each candidate in its digital form.

AI can also provide data-led insights into employee referrals, ensuring that enables a strong source of future employees. This can be done through an applicant tracking system using an AI-powered engine.

Within talent management, augmented AI systems support human decision-making throughout the full lifecycle of each employee. These gives HR professionals data-backed resources and insights gathered directly from employees.

These can also help to retain talent. AI models can be trained to spot patterns that suggest when employees will decide to leave for another job, helping HR professionals to not just retain talent but also save costs over the long-run.

Hear more from Vandana Nanwani in the clip below, or see the full episode of The HR Agenda, featuring Paul Howell and Laurence Smith, at this Youtube link

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