HR Tech Update: An inexpensive automation solution for startups

Updated: May 13

HR TECHNOLOGY: Automation has enabled HR leaders to streamline and fast-track several processes, simplify complex tasks, and devote more time to people empowerment and training.

However, especially for brick-and-mortar businesses, the transition can be perceived as expensive and daunting. A good way to start the shift is through StaffAny, a Singapore-based workforce management solution specially designed for digitalisation.

Through StaffAny, a start-up or even a brick-and-mortar store that wants to expand its reach online can start digitising its operations. This can significantly increase manpower efficiency, reduce operational costs, and trim the time spent on workforce management. Moreover, this would expand business visibility immediately.

About 60% of new businesses fall within the first two years, often due to poor staff management and resource planning. Often, it is due to the lack of automation that eventually leads to unnecessary costs. This is reflected in the data inaccuracies when it comes to attendance, work shifts, overtime payments, and more.

To avoid these issues, those who enter new ventures may try StaffAny’s Start Up plan for free for up to 25 employees. It is free of charge within the first year of operation.

Executives with multiple-outlet businesses may use the Growth plan and take advantage of its labour cost reduction feature. Its Scale plan is available for those aiming for data-driven growth.

Those who employ hourly workers will also receive community support and a full scholarship on StaffAny’s management software until business owners decide to scale up operations.

The software is available on both mobile and web for business owners to optimise operational scheduling, manage staff leave, and even automate time-tracking. This can also be integrated with contact tracing applications to guide entrepreneurs with Covid-19 restrictions in their areas.

Nowadays, it is critical to ensure undisrupted business operations and supply chain resilience. Automation has now become necessary for globalised industries and continuously evolving workforce trends.

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