HR Tech Update: Machine learning to detect attrition

HR TECHNOLOGY: Employee experience platforms play a vital role in communicating a workplace culture among staff, and are also a good tool to gauge your employees’ feelings and morale in real time.

It may not have seemed like an investment worth doing a few years ago, but with the prevalence of hybrid work setups and the ease that comes with new technologies, it now can shape and define a company’s most important resource: its talent.

Those who would like to utilise an employee experience platform or want to improve theirs can turn to inFeedo. Its people analytics can help HR leaders predict attrition, burnout, and disengagement in top talent, all using an artificial intelligence bot.

"Amber", a survey-performing chatbot, is designed to be a vital bridge between workers and managers. It starts intelligent conversations with employees to find hidden gaps in the workplace culture and well-being in real-time.

This is especially helpful in Southeast Asia where cultural contexts vary for each employee. With ability in over 100 languages, the software is widely used in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Its clients include a wide range of companies including Samsung, Xiaomi, Godrej, OYO, JD.ID., Sunlife, and Aboitiz.

With a recent injection of new funding, it intends to expand in North America and hire for over 140 roles in marketing, product, engineering, and sales.

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