HR leaders must focus on these three things in 2022: Randstad

Updated: Jan 21

SINGAPORE: Headhunting firm Randstad's study has recommended HR managers focus on three urgent issues in 2022: upskilling the workforce, formulating flexible working strategies, and creating environments conducive to work and work-life balance.

The company's latest study indicates that many employers have increased their standards for identifying highly-skilled employees because of rapid digitalisation. They are now looking for candidates with “excellent middle-management leadership skills and the ability to communicate effectively to drive stronger business partnering.” But the highly qualified come with expensive professional fees.

It suggests that instead of fixating on finding the perfect job applicant, "HR leaders should focus on upskilling and developing their existing workforce”. This would enable the organisation to benefit from a rich human resource leading to a high employer reputation and brand, further attracting job seekers.

Randstad added that HR leaders should also equip senior workers with practical digital skills.

Moreover, Randstad urges companies to hire more professionals on a contract basis to “meet urgent business needs whilst remaining agile to the changing business environment.”

But the study emphasised also that companies must work towards a long-term relationship with their potential employees.

HR leaders can also innovate the hiring process to reveal the “hidden potential” of the employer’s workforce.

Lastly, Randstad's study reveals that companies with a flexible working policy are more likely to attract quality talent as more workers are seeking jobs that enable them to work from home. A hybrid work setup also drives more productivity because of the new digital solutions and technology.

“The limitless potential of using technology to drive our productivity as a workforce has yet to be discovered, making 2022 an exciting year for Singapore’s business and talent landscapes,” the study noted.

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