HR leader Lim Chee Gay on dispelling quiet-quitting

INTERVIEW: Quiet-quitting has trended on TikTok, with over 300 million people posting and reacting to this trend.

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Lim Chee Gay, Group Chief HR Officer at Transformative Digital Customer Experience shares his thoughts on the trend, and how he would address it as an HR leader.

“One of the things which we are lucky to invest in over the years is in defining our data processes,” Lim told Chief of Staff Asia.

“We depend a lot on the data we collect, and use them to predict and formulate interventions. We are now building a methodology to test the accuracy of predictive attrition.

“We have Flash Suite, our whole human resource management (HRM) system for our employees, with a portion called Flash Hire, where our employees can respond to us, and speak about their feelings and well-being.

“All these insights, what I call a leading indicator, will help us to prevent resignation and attrition from happening,” he said.

Aside from building TDCX managers’ competency to respond to employee needs, Lim also checks on employee participation.

“Recently, we did our employee engagement survey that showed 88% of our employees are engaged. That's a good sign,” he said.

He added that TDCX focuses on continuous conversations between employees and managers to improve their working relationships. “Rather than having a year-end performance, we have ongoing performance management.

“We have digitised, but we want to ensure a human touch is involved. For (those of) us who are providing customer experience, we always believe that EX (employee experience) will drive CX (customer experience),” Lim pointed out.

Since Lim comes from a different background, we asked what drew him to BPOs and TDCX.

“People also ask me why I joined a BPO. I joined TDCX in 2017. We were only 3,000 in the workforce with very few key client bases. Today, we have almost 18,000 employees and 500 HR team members,” he recalled.

And his priorities when he stepped into the role of head of HR?

“One significant thing for me and TDCX is our ability to hire, that's always my priority. To always be the best in class in our talent acquisition and to partner with all the different sourcing channels, job portals, universities, and government.

“Improving the employee experience, employer branding, and the employee value proposition (through) our #BeMore, #AugmentHR, and our TDCX brand also continues to be very important to us,” Lim said.

With the exponential growth of TDCX since Lim joined, he hopes to lead the company on the same trajectory in the future.

“We used to have around 500 leaders. Now we have about 3,000 team leaders, managers, and all other leaders. That is so important for us to continue to identify our future leaders and develop that as we continue to multiply.”

By multiplying, he means expanding to six new sites for 60 markets this year.

When asked what he loves about his job, Lim, who is highly passionate about HR, said that it comes down to how he impacts others to grow.

“Impacting the lives of our employees positively, personally and professionally. I love it because we continue to grow and can provide job opportunities. Seeing our employees grow with the company, we want to give back company success to them. That's what I love about it. We see many people progress well with the company’s success,” Lim stated.

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