HR digitalization fundamental for sharia economy

INDONESIA: The Indonesian government is pushing the realization of a sharia economic development by establishing the National Committee for Islamic Economy and Finance (KNEKS).

Sharia economy is the knowledge of economics or economic activities done according to Islamic principles and teachings.

Strengthening the digital economy, including digitally skilled human resources, is one of the main strategies contained in the 2019-2024 Indonesian Sharia Economic Master Plan.

"If the sharia economy is founded on the basis of a digital economy, then it will have sufficient competitiveness against a non-sharia economy. So, digitization is also important," said KNEKS director Ventje Rahardjo.

He added that the economic potential of halal products has increased significantly in the world, but Indonesia is still struggling as a consumer. Strengthening its infrastructure through building skilled human resources is key in optimizing the market potential.

KNEKS has collaborated with various universities in Indonesia to educate students through sharia study programs.

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