Home Credit Vietnam brings its purpose to life

INTERVIEW: The ability and enthusiasm to bring the company's purpose "to life" is what sets Home Credit Vietnam apart from other employers, according to its Chief People Officer Alexis Pham,

"We are not just lending money. We have a purpose," Pham tells Chief of Staff Asia in as part of an exclusive interview this month, emphasising that Home Credit Vietnam empowers people, both inside and outside, to "live the life they want".

Serving the underserved

The customer focus is on the underbanked, or the large segment of Vietnam's growing population that have not traditionally had access to banking and finance products.

"If we do not serve them, they will have very limited access to finances to better their life," Pham says.

This purpose-driven mindset is one of the reasons why Pham chose to work at Home Credit Vietnam herself. Another reason is the interesting intersection of transforming from an offline leader to an offline and online leader.

"We are not a digital native company. We used to be and we are still very successful offline with a lot of presence," Pham says, adding that it's a strength that Home Credit Vietnam does not want to give up.

She says combining that strength with the digital experience "is very exciting."

"Here, I have to continue to engage, attract and retain financial services talent, while bringing in a completely new breed of talent."

Pham says a lot of value can be created in the journey to make the two groups work together.

An inspiring culture

Home Credit Vietnam's culture also excites Pham, who describes it is as modern and tech-forward, inspirational, and reliable.

The company uses technology extensively, for both the front, customer-facing end and the back end of operations. For example, it invests to improve candidate and employee experience by automating a wide range of HR processes.

Pham says the company's culture is inspirational because conversations are handled with respect, and leadership can be seen in the behaviours of executives and the organisation itself.

"I think leadership role modeling is something that I see a lot here."

Lastly, the company is reliable in the sense that it consistently does what it says it will do. "I see it in every little thing that we do."

This feature was extracted from Chief of Staff Asia's exclusive interview with Alexis Pham, Chief People Officer at Home Credit Vietnam.

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