Hiring for green jobs on the rise across Asia Pacific region

ASIA-PACIFIC: The region, as a whole, has seen a 30% growth in hiring for green jobs since 2016, but still lags behind the US and Europe, which have seen increases of 70% and 41% respectively.

This is one of the major findings of LinkedIn's Global Green Skills Report 2022, which also showed that Sustainability Manager (24%), Ecologist (17%), and Geologist (15%) were the three most popular sustainability jobs.

Singapore had the highest growth in green hires at 41%, owing to strong government support for both research and development and green finance solutions. China (33%), New Zealand (29%), Australia (24%), and India (16%) made up the rest of the Top Five.

The report also found that the share of green talent in the workforce had peaked from 9.6% in 2015 to 13.3% in 2022 so far or a growth rate of 38.5%. Sectors with the highest share of green talent hires in 2021 include manufacturing, education and corporate services industries.

Topping the list of the most popular green skills are sustainability, environmental awareness, environmental science, environmental management systems, and environmental impact assessment. The report further found that in 2021, around 10% of job postings have explicitly required at least one green skill and that workers are increasingly skilled in green areas.

The research looks into the sustainability jobs market to give policymakers, governments, and business leaders significant insights to transition to a future of a green economy.

“It is never easy to get hundreds of nations to move in a common direction, but we believe that doing so is not just our best hope to address the climate crisis, but also our biggest opportunity to power a new, clean economic engine for workers everywhere,” said Pei Ying Chua, LinkedIn’s APAC Lead Economist and Data Scientist.

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