More pay, bonuses, and training for staff at KPMG Singapore

Updated: May 24

SINGAPORE: Firm-wide bonuses, salary adjustments, and a multi-million dollar learning programme have been set up for Singapore employees of the global financial services firm, KPMG.

In a bid to recognise, attract, and retain top talent, the majority of KPMG employees will see pay increases, with entry-level staff earning the biggest increments of up to 20%. The company has also announced bonus pay-outs for the most recent financial year.

KPMG in Singapore is one of the country's biggest employers of audit and tax professionals who are certified as Singapore Chartered Accountants or Accredited Tax Advisors. The firm also supports its audit and tax employees to attain these professional accreditations, with about SGD 21,000 investment per employee in tuition fees, exam fees, and generous paid study leave.

In addition to these programs, the company has announced an SGD30 million learning programe that all 3,200 staff will avail themselves of over the next five years. This will be designed to lead insights, discourse, and developments for future trends. Training will focus on futurist capabilities, harnessing skillsets on data and digital literacy, as well as valuing and creating a measurable impact on sustainability.

Ong Pang Thye, Managing Partner, KPMG in Singapore, said the Singapore office made the move as more and more businesses were competing for quality advisors in the financial industry.

"With digitalisation, a sustainability agenda, and global geopolitical tensions, the complexity of problems has doubled – requiring higher precision and foresight, with innovative outcomes to keep enterprises resilient amid uncertainties. We do not take for granted the pivotal role that each employee plays in creating measurable change that betters life for countries, companies and communities," he said.

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