Hernando Betita III: The close ties between HR and Marketing

INTERVIEW: In this second instalment of Chief of Staff Asia’s interview with Hernando Betita III from Seek Asia, the platform’s regional marketing manager explains the close connections he has with the HR team.

COS Asia: Where do you see Seek Asia five years from now, considering all these changes that we see in the ongoing pandemic?

Betita: The goal is to become one of the top five tech employer brands in Asia over the next five years. The 500 million people are the potential labour force that we aim to serve. The five million companies are those that we have to reach out to.

To do that, we need to ensure we have the most jobs and the most talent. We’ve invested in a lot of new technology that scans the web for jobs and aggregates them onto our platform. We see how we can further scale up our technology platforms so that we have the best artificial intelligence to provide job recommendations and the most seamless user experiences.

Another goal is to revitalise the brands, from old-world brands to brands that have become emotionally resonant, innovative, and to be truly loved.

COS Asia: How will you describe Seek Asia’s employer culture? What character traits fit most within that?

Betita: One of the things we’re very proud of is the culture of care, and this was demonstrated during the pandemic. The company stopped hiring. But we did not cut a single person from our permanent staff because we think for the long term. There is also a culture of care among employees. We reach out to anyone at any time. And we like to have fun — that’s embedded in our values. We do karaoke, bingo events, trivia nights, and the like.

COS Asia: Do you work closely with your HR team?

Betita: There is close collaboration in developing campaigns for employer branding and on the brand architecture. The marketing team thinks like HR. We sell our job ads and HR products, so there is HR expertise embedded in the marketing team.

We also do a lot of research in the HR space. We produce regular content on the trends and what attracts job seekers. There is an alignment of insights in our research and marketing and what our HR can do to attract people.

COS Asia: What is the main focus of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts in Seek Asia?

Betita: Everything we invest in is to help job seekers, and we also see it as CSR. Our purpose is to help people succeed, and we do it all for free. There is a substantial amount of investment so that job seekers get the right advice.

Strictly speaking, our CSR program is around fair hiring. We want to be a champion of fair hiring practices by ensuring there is no discrimination in the hiring process and at work. We partner with the World Economic Forum to ensure transparency from employers and that accountability and checks and balances are in place. We constantly review our policies and the hirers that work with us to ensure that they also agree to fair hiring practices.

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