Healthcare staff face long-term risk: Chief of Staff research

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY: The pandemic has exacerbated already underlying issues for healthcare workers across the Southeast Asia region, with many now at risk of stress related issues, including burnout and, worse, breakdown.

That is one of the key conclusions of the latest research paper by Chief of Staff Asia. Titled HR in Healthcare: Fighting on many fronts, the report details how the usual life-and-death pressure of the medical profession has combined with the never-ending development of the pandemic and the increased scrutiny surrounding it.

For HR professionals in the healthcare industry, this has meant being constantly mindful of the risk of all of these competing pressures becoming too much on individual doctors or nurses, or worse, even whole teams of staff.

“Apart from the employees themselves needing to acknowledge the burnout, managers need to be able to identify the signs of burnout in their teams and take proactive steps to support them,” Joyce Wong, Regional HR Director for International SOS, says.

Fortunately, organisations are rising — somehow — to that immense challenge.

“I notice that there is now better acceptance in protecting and supporting the mental wellbeing of workforces in this region, (which) is vitally tied to the concern of burnout,” Joyce says, adding that data analytics should also be used to provide objective and non-judgmental support.

The report, released today, is available for free download for all Chief of Staff Asia subscribers.

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