Even happy workers are planning to quit jobs this year

ASIA-PACIFIC: The Great Resignation that has impacted US labour markets over the last year may be about to wreak havoc here in this region, but with even more upheaval.

A survey by E-commerce platform Mojodomo recorded some 65% of employees in the Asia Pacific region were looking to leave their jobs, despite being generally satisfied with their organisations. Mojodomo's white paper, titled Asia's Workforce Awakens to ESG, suggests this is reflective of a new market trend where, aside from salary and benefits, employees value a company's overall purpose.

Those with the highest Environmental, Social, and Governance maturity levels are most likely to retain high-value employees, improve productivity, and increase the sense of belonging among staff, it said.

Honnus Cheung, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Mojodomo, said environmental and governance concerns had become an integral element of corporate business strategy and day-to-day operations across the region. "We believe that companies should also pay close attention to the social aspects of employee participation and engagement, especially during the pandemic," he said. "People strategy has become a crucial element of sustainable enterprise development."

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