Guidebook on career planning for older workers launched

SINGAPORE: Employers should be having regular conversations with their mature workforce on their individual career expectations and skill needs.

Speaking at the launch of a new guidebook for structured career planning, Senior Minister of State for Manpower Koh Poh Koon said reskilling and upskilling the country's mature employees would improve productivity, reduce dependence on the foreign workforce, and strengthen competitiveness for businesses.

Koh urged all employers to use the guide to engage employees at certain milestones.

"A good guide is to start the career conversations when workers turn 45 years old, so that you can retain and groom workers as they transit into different phases of their careers," Koh said.

The Singapore National Employers Federation developed the guide in consultation with employees, business leaders, HR practitioners, line managers, career coaches and academia.

"In developing the guide, (the Federation) collaborated with several companies to pilot it and I have heard positive feedback that it has been very useful," Koh said.

"For example, a HR manager shared that the adoption of structured career planning not only helped the company better understand their mature and senior employees’ motivations, expectations and career interests; it also helped them identify their skills and training gaps."

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