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Group urges gov’t to establish strategy to boost digital skills

PHILIPPINES: Advocacy group CitizenWatch Philippines has called on the government to craft and implement a digital strategy to boost the skills and knowledge of Filipino workers, as well as micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in the country.

CitizenWatch Philippines co-convenor Orlando Oxales said this could be done through partnerships with telecommunication companies and educational institutions.

“Investments in digital infrastructure will mean nothing if not complemented by investments in digital enablement. Ultimately, end-users of the technology have to have the necessary knowledge, skills, and predisposition to adapt to the changing times,” Oxales said.

Oxales said that empowering Filipino workers and helping small businesses to digitally adapt is a way of preparing them for the future.

“Digital skills are life skills. These days, whatever we do in our professional and personal life has a component of basic digital skills – inputting our transactions in the bank, booking a ride through an app, or attending a virtual meeting. It follows that digital skills are a must for anybody who wants to participate in the ever-growing digital economy,” he added.

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