Graduate concerns over Yale-NUS merger announcement

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

SINGAPORE: Students at the combined Yale-NUS College in Singapore have raised concerns about the value of their degrees, after the College announced it would be merged into the National University of Singapore in three years' time.

NUS announced on August 27 that the two universities would combine into a single new college from 2022. The Yale-NUS college merger would produce its first cohort of graduates from 2025.

Several current and former Yale-NUS students mentioned fears that employers would not recognise degrees awarded by the school. But Jack Mullan, CEO of risk management consultancy Barber Mullan and Associates, said both Yale and NUS were strong, internationally renowned university brands, so job prospects should not be a concern.

Low Peck Kim, president of the Singapore HR Institute, said NUS could help to ease the concerns of Yale-NUS graduates by explaining to recruiters that the move was not a closure, but a merger.

The annual joint Autonomous Universities graduate employment survey found that nine in 10 fresh graduates from Yale-NUS College cohorts between 2017 and 2020 found employment within six months of completing their final examinations.

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